Create a group

The basics

WHEN you click the "Create group" button at the bottom of this page, each manager will receive an email invitation with a link they can follow to rank draft positions from best to worst (and possibly see each other's rankings, depending on the settings you choose). The same link can be used to view the play-by-play after the draft order has been determined. Check out the demo if you want to see how the results will look.

You can run the simulation whenever you're ready.

Group info

This message will be included in the invitation email sent to each manager. You may — among other things — want to let them know when you plan to run the simulation so they can rank their picks in time.

The commish chooses when the simulation runs, assigns handicaps (if they're turned on) and has access to the URL of each manager's picks page.

Add managers

The numbering is simply to help you keep track of how many managers you've added — order doesn't matter. Groups can have 4-32 managers.





Check this if you want to give yourself the ability to add bonuses or penalties to managers' rolls in the simulation (i.e. if you give Bob a 20 handicap and he rolls a 22, it'll count as a 42). If you use this setting, all managers will be able to see the handicaps you've assigned.

If there are two players in the draft pool that are way better than everyone else, this might be a good idea. It'll eliminate the 'do I rank 1-2 or 2-1?' dilemma for a lot of managers.