Frequently asked questions

WE'VE tried to cover as much as possible with this FAQs section, but don't hesitate to email us with a question if you have one!


Why did you build this site?

Here's an all-too-common occurance: Your commissioner determines your league's draft order a few days ahead of the draft so everyone has a chance to form a strategy based on their position. In the next couple days, the message board blows up. "I'm looking to move up - who wants to move down?" "Anyone want the fifth pick?" "Who wants the last pick?!" "I WILL PAY FOR A TOP-TWO PICK!" lets you target specific picks, so you end up with more managers paired up with picks they actually want.

Why is this site better than other random order generators?

This is the first site to take individual preferences into account when creating the draft order.

Can I use if I want a totally random draft order?

Yes - just create a group and generate the order immediately. Even if you don't want to utilize the ranking system, there's a few reasons why you're better off using

  • Handicaps. allows you to set handicaps, which act as bonuses for the rolls that are used to decide who gets what pick. Maybe you want to give the teams that finished at the bottom of the standings the previous season a better chance to land a top pick. Or maybe you want to get extra money in your league's pot by selling handicaps.
  • The play-by-play recap. Knowing is half the battle! When you generate your draft order on, you get to see exactly how each pick was awarded.

What happens if a manager loses his or her invitation email?

The commissioner has access to everyone's private 'Make picks' pages. Just ask the commish for your specific URL.

If your invitation isn't showing up in your inbox, you might want to check your email spam folder - there's a chance it ended up in there accidentally.

What happens if two managers tie for the high roll?

To break ties, a new random roll is generated. If Eric, Jared and Bob all tie for the lead, a new number from 1-3 is generated (with each number corresponding to a manager). It's kind of like a virtual coin flip!

I just ranked my picks. Where do I go to see the results?

Once your commissioner runs the simulation, the link to your picks page will forward you to the results page.

I'm not able to reorder my picks. Help!

This site was creating using a few of the newer HTML5 technologies. Older versions of Internet Explorer aren't HTML5 friendly, so you might need to upgrade to something else. Good news: Firefox and Chrome are free!

I'm still not sure I get how all this works

The demo is the easiest way to understand's simulation.