How it works

Your opinion matters

TIRED of getting stuck with a draft spot you never wanted? Ever wonder how you ended up with exact same pick for the third straight season?

We're here to help. pairs more fantasy managers with picks they actually want by taking each manager's individual preferences into account when the draft order is generated. You get to see every step of the process, so there's no more mystery invovled when the order is revealed.

Here's how it works:


Before draft order is determined in a round-based simulation, each manager ranks draft positions from best to worst. This is where you ask yourself 'if I could pick from any spot, where would it be?' Keep in mind you're much more likely to get a specific draft position if you have it ranked higher than everyone else.


Once everyone's rankings are in, the simulation can begin. Every step is documented, so you know exactly how each pick was decided.

Here's how each round works:

  • Every manager competes for his or her top remaining choice. Since every pick is available when the first round starts, you always have a chance to get your top choice.
  • If multiple managers want the same pick — a near-certainty early on — a roll-off determines who gets it. A random number from 1-100 is generated for each manager in the competition; whoever has the highest roll is awarded the pick. Managers only roll once per round.
  • In cases where only one manager has a pick as his or her top remaining choice, it's automatically awarded. If a pick isn't anyone's top choice, it remains available for future rounds.
  • At the end of each round, the managers who were awarded picks are removed from the simulation, along with the picks they received. The simulation continues until every manager has a pick.
  • Managers have instant access to the simulation's play-by-play, allowing them to see exactly how the order was determined.

If that sounds a little confusing, click the button below to try the demo. It'll make perfect sense once you see the simulation in action.